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The melting pot of cross-cultures, technology and nature

June 24, 2013 2:47 PM

When I was young, I never imagined I would get to live in Japan. Five years ago, in a dream-like day I arrived to Japan. Still today, I keep living inside my dream.

The night that I arrived to Tsukuba was quite cold. It was late in the evening and everything was quiet and dark. This caused in my some sort of a shock and I started to worry, wondering if I would get used to live in this place. I did not speak a word of Japanese and all of the sudden I felt I had quite a challenge ahead. Yet, little by little my life experiences in this town led me to fall in love with it.

I believe Tsukuba is a blessed town inside of Japan. You can meet people from around the world without moving from here. Anytime you can get the chance to meet people from Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Oceania... I have even met people from countries I didn't know about before coming to Japan; it's such an amazing feeling!
In such situation, everyday life becomes a cultural exchange. It is quite normal to have an international group around you. Everybody seems to get along pretty well besides any sort of barrier, even language. In one night a fusion of authentic Siberian food, Polish drinks, South American dance, French music is not an unusual thing. Such is the town I am living at. It is amazing that you get to experience such multiple cultures in your residence town.

Still, it is not just about experiencing the culture, knowledge and wisdom exchange is also a common thing in Tsukuba. Another characteristic of our town is research and technology. Many scholars from around the world gather in Tsukuba, for their studies, research jobs, etc. You can find here a wide variety of academic backgrounds and exotic research. For sure, it is possible for any person to find in this city another individual with enough knowledge in their preference area.
Recently there are several experiments being carried out in the middle of the city. On my way to school, I usually find robots, segways and self-driven vehicles in the Central Plaza. Every day I am so excited about crossing around the plaza to check out which new gadget is being tested! My impression of Tsukuba as a technology town has increased over time for sure.
Tsukuba is a town where you can find an international crowd, get international experiences, deepen your knowledge and have access to cutting edge technology. But on top of these characteristics, Tsukuba's natural beauty is amazing as well. So many parks and lakes, the Sakura and the Autumn colors are superb just walking around.

In my opinion, Tsukuba's most magical spot is at night, around the Tsukuba Mount. If you visit our dearest mountain in the Kanto plains during night you get to see a refreshing view of the city with its lights and the beautiful starry sky. The best season to observe it is on winter.

Basically I love Tsukuba. It is such a convenient place to live, really safe and enjoyable. I invite you to experience the international atmosphere, the technology and nature and little by little fall in love with our particular town.

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