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Beautiful Nature in Tsukuba

April 18, 2013 10:37 AM

Tsukuba City is only 45 minutes away from Tokyo. The city is well known for JAXA, University of Tsukuba, and various research institutes. But besides its academic and scientific setting, there are many places to enjoy the beautiful Japanese nature in Tsukuba. For example, at Tsukuba peony garden ("Tsukuba botan-en"), there are more than five thousand peonies and six million roses, and it is very beautiful in the winter season.


I want to introduce a place that fascinates a foreigner like me - Tsukuba Mountain, where you can enjoy the Japanese nature and culture. Tsukuba Mountain is referred as "Fuji Mountain of the west, Tsukuba Mountain of the east" (Nishi-no-Fuji, Higashi-no-Tsukuba). It is very famous, and you can enjoy the beautiful four seasons with its nature and scenery. The moment of sunrise from the Tsukuba Mountain is impressive. In the mountain, there is Tsukuba Mountain shrine. The visit to the shrine and seeing the sunrise on New Year's Day ("hatsumoude" and "goraikou" in Japanese) are special events of New Year in Japan, and Tsukuba Mountain Shrine is a famous shrine to enjoy such events. It is a wonderful shrine. Tsukuba Mountain is easy to access without a car. From Akihabara station in Tokyo, it will take 45 minutes by Tsukuba Express train to Tsukuba station. With the shuttle bus, you can get to Tsukuba Mountain shrine entrance in 40 minutes from the station.


There are many shops between Tsukuba Mountain shrine entrance and Tsukuba Mountain shrine. These unique shops are very different from those in my country. The delicious Japanese pickles that is itself part of Japanese culture, a cup of warm Japanese sake (alcohol) that is excellent for cold winter, and toad replica that is a symbol of Tsukuba Mountain is sold at these shops. A few hundred meters away, there is Tsukuba Mountain shrine where the wishes come true. If you were lucky, you will also have the chance to see Rakugo (Japanese verbal entertainment) about the toad oil ("gama-no-abura") of Tsukuba Mountain. The toad oil of Tsukuba Mountain is traditionally known for its healing effect.

Instead of hiking to the top of Tsukuba Mountain, you can also use Ropeway and Cable Car to get to the top. People of all ages - children and old people - can enjoy the beautiful prospect. In addition to the beautiful walks in the nature and getting empowered from the beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy hot springs in the middle of the Tsukuba Mountain. Please visit the Tsukuba Mountain and be empowered from the beautiful nature.

Ms. Wimonwittaya Chorladda
International Exchange Coordinator

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