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My days in Tsukuba City

December 27, 2012 4:12 PM

Hello. My name is Seo, living 6 years in Tsukuba city. Let me introduce 2 pictures for "My Tsukuba city"!

left.jpgleft rightright.jpg

Coffee time
The left picture's title is..."Invisible except a hand". One spring day, I fed carp with my laboratory members at the pond of Tsukuba University. We had a very long (2 hour) coffee break this day, which was very nice!!

Before coming to Japan, I heard Tsukuba city is an adequate place to research and study. Is it true? I absolutely agree! Tsukuba city is really quiet like a library, and you will find nice trees wherever you go. Also, Tsukuba city can be a great place to enjoy your hobby.

As for me, hiking is an important hobby. When I planned to climb Mt. Tsukuba one Saturday, we had lots of snow Friday night. So I discussed with my partner whether to go or not, and decided to climb carefully. We were able to watch a superb view! But I fell on my behind over and over...T^T. I took the right picture that day.

Tsukuba's nature is really abundant and good for health. Let's enjoy a piece of rest in Tsukuba!

International Exchange Coordinator Mr.Seungwan Seo

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