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Trees, Kendo and Smiles

September 19, 2012 2:30 PM

It has already been half a year since I came to Tsukuba City. The days I spent here is deeply related to three words-"Trees", "Kendo", and "Smiles".

Tsukuba City is well known as "the City of Science", but when I arrived here, the first things I saw besides the science research institutes were numerous big trees. Riding the Loop-line On-campus Bus of Tsukuba University, I enjoyed the beautiful forest scenery finding myself healing the fatigues after a long hard day. Unlike the arranged forested sites such as parks, different types of trees live freely, spreading their branches in desired shapes which form the perfect scenery. Forests in Tsukuba have the magical power to heal peoples' heart and soul.

"Shinsen-gumi" led me to take great interest in Kendo when I was in China. As the animation "Hakuouki" and period drama "Shinsen-gumi" were broadcast, Japanese traditional martial art Kendo became more popular. However, it was difficult to find a place to learn Kendo in a foreign country. When I finally got the chance to come to Japan, what I really wanted to do besides studying was of course, Kendo. Ibaraki prefecture is famous for Kendo, and Tsukuba University has one of the strongest Kendo teams, which make Tsukuba the best place to learn Kendo. Though I only have limited time to join Kendo practices since I'm busy studying, as much as time allows, I join the Tsukuba University Kendo club and Sakura district "Shisei-kai" not only to enjoy Kendo but also to gain further understanding of Japanese way of thinking and Bushido (samurai spirit). Along with the Kendo practice, we read aloud the "Analects (Rongo)". It is very interesting to read Confucius's words, which is very familiar to Chinese people, in Japanese.

What really impressed me when I came to Japan was the smile. Smiles of the people I met in Tsukuba soothed the anxiety of my first experience living abroad and supported me through the hard times. People kindly give me directions to the destination and politely explain how to use the tickets. I experience and realize the kindness of people in Tsukuba day to day. I am really happy to be a part of this warm-hearted city.


International Exchange Coordinator
Ms. Shiki Son

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